I am a middle-aged divorced man, and since my divorce I have been struggling with my sexual identity. Perhaps I have always been in denial ...
As I have seen in my experience as psychologist and sex counsellor in ... three elements at the heart of sexual problems: guilt, shame and fear.
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Sexual assault is not something that any individual will ever “get over” in their lifetime, more, .... Most victims/survivors feel guilty and ashamed about the assault.
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Some background, and apologies if this is a bit long. I got my first girlfriend back in college when I was
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Whether you came upon sexual shame via religious programming, sexual abuse, manipulative ex-lovers who damaged your self-esteem, or any other reason, sexual shame is a common and unfortunate byproduct of being...
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In case you didn't get the memo, sex is an incredibly complicated part of life. However natural it may be, it's still easy to associate it with negative emotions, specifically shame.
When you have embarrassed yourself at work – whether you were caught ... sex – it can be difficult to face your colleagues and continue working in the ... yourself in front of your colleagues, you are likely to feel ashamed.
is your sexual past used against you: young person sitting on a bed with a ... If you're reading this post, you might be feeling like you have to change ... current partner is using those experiences to control, blame or shame you.
But over time, and through much therapy, writing, and feeling, I have ... I have not completely eliminated feelings of sexual shame from my life.
Experts weigh in on how women can fix anxiety about oral sex, ... back to the negative relationship and shame-based relationship that many women have with ...
WOMEN enjoy better sex with their husbands than they would if having a fling, ... Experts in the US claim for many, sex is more rewarding when ...
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